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Illustrated History of the Mobile Phone

Remember the remarkable ground breaking mobile gadgets of way back when – well ten or fifteen years ago anyway. Watch the video and enjoy!

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Another OS: MeeGo

As you can see from the little graphic on the right, Meego which is a brand new Linux based OS as of mid 2010 from a partnership between Nokia and Intel, is aimed at supporting a wide variety of application … Continue reading

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HTML5 is a Work in Progress The HTML5 standard is not yet final as of this posting but is in working draft status. Major web browsers are playing catch up to the more stable aspects. I would expect to see … Continue reading

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The Future of Native Apps vs Browser Apps

My opinion is that HTML5 browser based applications are poised to steal the spotlight away from native apps (the app store type), perhaps leaving app stores as a mere shadow of their former self. After all, who wants to have to produce and maintain umpteen different applications each targeting a different phone operating system and version when a single well designed web site (application) will do the job just as well if not better? Continue reading

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