Another OS: MeeGo

As you can see from the little graphic on the right, Meego which is a brand new Linux based OS as of mid 2010 from a partnership between Nokia and Intel, is aimed at supporting a wide variety of application platforms. According to MeeGo developers are very welcome (how many OSs can a developer commit to?)

They state that MeeGo brings together the best application and platform development tools available. At the heart of development is the MeeGo SDK, including Qt, which provides a full set of consistent, cross-platform APIs. Qt itself is a cross-browser application and UI framework supporting the concept of write once deploy elsewhere. Qt incorporates a browser based upon the open source WebKit standard used by many main stream browsers including Safari and Chrome.

To give an idea of what this is all about, here is what the MeeGo site has to say about the Handset application of their software platform..

Today’s users are demanding more powerful and feature-rich devices to take with them on the go. Next generation smartphones allow users to enjoy a rich and dynamic Internet experience, watch HD movies, and multitask like never before on a small form factor device. Travel lighter and longer with extended battery life. Wherever you go and whatever you do, it’s a mobile experience that not only does more, it does it better.

The MeeGo based platform is specifically designed to enable the application and services ecosystem for these mobile, rich internet and media-centric devices. The MeeGo handheld platform builds on the foundation laid by Maemo and Moblin.

The Nokia web site notes that MeeGo is not currently planned to replace the Symbian OS on their handsets, but it will be used on higher end handsets.

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