Google Chrome Frame brings HTML5 to IE6, 7, 8

If you are frustrated by the inability of IE8 and below to deal with your beautiful HTML5 code then fret no more. Google has come to the rescue. Go over to for the skinny on how to bring those IE browsers in line with Google Chrome’s WebKit based reality when it comes to HTML5 goodness. All you have to do is add a single line of code to the <head/> section of your file and you’re done, that is assuming visitors using IE8 and below have download and installed the Google Chrome Frame plug-in. You can add some simple boiler plate code to detect the absence of the plug-in and let those visitors decide if they would like to enjoy the enhanced browser experience.

Behind the scenes the plug-in renders pages using the WebKit layout engine and V8 JavaScript engine which reportedly run very much faster than the native IE code.

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